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Learn why it always feels good

In creating my music I spent a great amount of time writing and shaping great melodies that are musically interesting and lyrical. I also wrote the bass lines of my songs to functions as a counter melody to the melody played by the guitar. This cd is diverse in its music rang, there are mellow, intense sensual slow song such as "Thoughtful Caress" and "Sweet Pleasure". "Island Breeze" is a grooven funky song that is driven by the bass and drums with the guitar melody floating on top. The title song "It Always Feels Good" will draw you in with its strong melody and soulful groove. I wrote, produced, mixed and mastered all songs on the cd. I played all the instruments on each song which was very consuming creatively. It was also invigorating and fun to create and sculpture a collection of songs over weeks and months to share with listeners around the world. I look forward to hearing from everyone from around the world who takes the opportunity to listen to "It Always Feels Good" I am sure you will enjoy feeling good and grooven to the music.

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